Rum ‘o clock and Laranja


It’s been a while since the last post, but we have been very busy with looking for jobs and organizing everything. Today it’s sunday, a very rainy sunday and finally we made it to get a new entry. The more we continue with the blog, the more we love it. I really like this mixture of food and drinks, a combination of our two big passions. Iker is more the food- part and I represent more the drinking- part, but while sharing ideas, it doesn’t matter if Iker is a patissier or not,  if I am a barkeeper or not, because at the end, we both take part of the process and today I am really happy with the result. A Cocktail for rainy spring days and cold winter days. I hope you will like it as well!


In Vienna we used to have a nice minibar with spirits and liquors and we really miss this minibar, because when friends are coming over for dinner it’s always a nice extra to serve a cool drink: A sparkling aperitif to welcome them and a strong digestive to say goodbye. This week we had this brilliant idea, that every time we go for a bigger food shopping we get a bottle of liquor and I think in a few weeks our missed home bar is gonna be back. This week we got this nice rum, Aniversario Pampero  and I think it’s perfect for simple, but special drinks. While thinking about the recipe, I remembered that my sister brought me black tea from Russia, which I actually never used before. So we started to make this black tea and the taste was surprisingly good, a slightly fruity taste!


But we were still not completely happy with the result, so we decided to make another drink. Thats why our entry today includes two new drinks: A Rum’o clock and a Laranja!  The drinks a very similar, but each one special for itself.

Ok, let’s start with the Laranja: 

  • 3cl Rum Aniversario
  • 2cl Cointreau
  • 1-2 cl Fresh Lemon Juice
  • 2 cl Pure Maple Sirup
  • 4cl Fresh Blood Orange Juice
  • Shaker and Ice Cubes

Place all the liquors and juices plus ice cubes in a shaker and start shaking. The more ice you add and the more you shake, the more creamy your cocktail is gonna be.Fill the drink in one of your most beautiful glasses and serve it with a flower or just simply an orange twist! Cheers!

DSC_0108 2-side

Drink numer 2: Rum’o clock: 

  • 3cl Rum Aniversario
  • 2cl Cointreau
  • 5cl High Quality Black Tea
  • 2cl Pure Maple Sirup
  • 1cl Fresh Lemon Juice
  • Shaker and Ice Cubes

Place all the ingredients plus ice cubes in a shaker and start shaking. Shake it long enough to get a nice creamy top. Serve it in a nice Cocktail glass or other glass of your choice.

I promise this sunday is not gonna be that rainy anymore!


Iker& Julia, xx


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