Little interview between Iker and Julia:


– Tell us your story! Where did it born, this culinary interest, between a basque-Venezuelan guy and an Italian girl?

Julia: Well, I think the story began when we started dating and you were telling me about a carrot cake. I got really into this conversation, because I love carrot cake, even though you are the cookie monster. I think that was the first time when I thought this is a sort of connection between us.  
Iker: Culinary connection?
Julia: Yeah, a culinary connection… After we met each other better, we figured out that we both had already before the idea of making a blog and so it was quite easy to put the ideas together in making one blog together.
Iker:Yes, I remember, long time ago I got the same idea of making a blog, but I never got, ether the willing nor the time to start doing what I wanted. But what I wanted to do, was creating a place, where I can illustrate the things I wanted to cook. So it came up naturally making the blog together, because we felt it would be awesome.
Julia: Good answer Sir!

What is the name of the blog?

Iker: The project its called: Out of the Box.
Julia: Box it! Cook it! Shake it! Eat it! Feed it…hahaha….No, its: Box it! Cook it! eat it!
Iker: Yes, “Out of the box” born thanks to two main reasons: first, when we were thinking about what to do for the blog and also we were checking at home about this companies in Austria that provides people at home bringing a box, with biological products straight from farmers, where the contain changes weekly.
Julia: Its all seasonal.
Iker: Yes, all seasonal; of course there are some themes that you can choose, but  we choose the regional box, which contains vegetables and fruits. So here is where the idea comes from, like the most important face of it, because we thought this could be the philosophy or the base of our cocking blog. Like: Don’t know whats gonna come, don’t know what we gonna receive, but we gonna grab those ingredients, put together an idea and start cocking.
Julia: Nothing to add
Iker: Correct!


– What type of cocking we will see in each plate?

Julia: I think its gonna be….
Iker: Yeah? Yeah?
Julia: Well, I think there is gonna be a lot of sweet stuff and probably a lot of bread, because you like to bake bread…..and the rest…dispense on our mood, on the weather outside and on whats in the box. Its more gonna be surprise, also for us.  
Iker: But also we are doing a blind cooking, where we haven’t tried a technique or a recipe but putting concepts and ideas together we came out with a meal. We have tried this Asian strudel, mixing the Blatterteig with the Asian filling. So its not only focused our self in some strict kind of cocking, but putting together all the knowledge we have and discovering things that we haven’t tried before. So there is not a certain kind of cocking here, its about biological product and get started with cocking.

– Have you thought about a specific target you want to reach?

Julia: No!
Iker: No, we are just in a creation process and we do this not for a economic purpose or a fame purpose but we mostly would like to work with photography
Julia: And improve in it!
Iker: – yes, improve in photography, improve in cocking, and we enjoy doing this details: cooking at home, enjoying what we are eating sooner or later, (laughs), sooner or later.
Julia: Probably sooner than later!
Iker: Yes, and its not about who we can reach or which goal or purpose we can make, but the fact –
Julia:that we can cock together and its always a lot of fun!

Iker: That’s right!

Do you consider yourself innovators?

Julia: No!
Iker: No, I mean everyone can have a blog, everyone can make a cocking blog.

Julia: Yes, and I also think that there is not purpose here in doing something different than others if that what you mean with your question. We’re cooking a lot at home and sometimes we don’t have the proper time for making all this photographic and blog work –
Iker: Which is a lot!

Julia: – and most of those ideas and recipes get lost because we cannot bring them up here. But all of those ideas are just the consequence of seeing ingredients and picture them together on a plate or into a concept.


-From where can you be contacted?

Julia: There are in the main page a link for our Facebook address and an email where any of our viewers can write us and share your thoughts and comments, we will be gladly to answer back!


Our special gratitude to Raymond Chacón who interviewed us and help us to let us know to all of you! You can see more about his work in the following blog:

Iker& Julia.

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