Dried Tomatoes

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Our first post from Meran, the City where I grow up and which is full of memories. But something is different, Iker is here and it feels really nice to spent the summer with him here, surrounded by nature and a lot of sun. The last days were quite busy, preparing, getting organized, unpacking, meeting friends and family. For me actually nothing really changed, but for Iker it’s a really exiting experience. We have a little flat with garden, including a veggie garden, which is so awesome. Collecting fresh herbs and Vegetables for the daily cooking. We also found some old kitchen machines, like an ice cream maker and a juicer and we are so excited to experiment with them. Yesterday we went to the local farmer marker, which is so small compared to the markets in Vienna, Iker was quite surprised: “That’s all?? How cute!” Things are different than in a bigger city, but for a few months it feels nice to be a bit disconnected.
We got some nice tomatoes and a lot of other things and we are ready to make some nice new entries!


What you need for the dried tomatoes:

  • 3 kg of Tomatoes (we took the long and big ones, Pelati- Tomatoes)
  • a Dehydrator ( if you don’t have one you can also do it in the Oven)


Let’s get started:

Wash your tomatoes with cold water and beginn to cut them in half, like on the picture above. Once you are finsished with the tomatoes put them on the round fences of the Dehydrater. Let them dry for about 24h at 60 °C.
For making them in the oven, use also 60°C and check after about 10h.

Once your tomatoes are finished, you can use them for a lot of dishes: For salads, on the Pizza, in a Pasta- dish. You will see it gives a lovely flavour to any dish! To make them last longer, you can put them also in a jar with Olive Oil, Garlic and Herbs.

Iker and Julia xx

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