Chapter II: Merano

Chapter II: Merano.

So is it! The day has come and we move out of Vienna to come to the hometown of Julia, it’s the second biggest city in the region called South Tirol in Italy. It’s an splendid and great city surrounded by such a high mountains which can even surpass 2000mts, maybe from where are you from dear reader this might could not be surprising for you, but from the single fact that laying on bed every morning looking through the window and seeing the first sun rays entering and lighting up the house, you will see such a great sculptures made of soil and stone covering and trapping all these valleys and small towns, they still covered by snow on the hills.

It’s a new air we are breathing here, it took a couple of days to bring everything in the flat, fix it, throw away a lot of things that were inside, paint it and pump it! You cannot believe how many boxes we brought from Vienna just carrying inside things for cooking. We were so surprised that they were more than clothes!


After all these days of hard work in the flat, that result into a cosy and warm new place we like to call home, we started our new project! Since we already localized companies that can provide us with boxes full of mysterious ingredients, from local farmers who bring them to the city. Julia and me, we are over excited to see what new ingredients we get here for start cooking.

But! The great new and reason of this entry is due to our new plan here in Merano. Let us tell you what it is. We have a big garden outside, were plants, flowers and even apricot and figs trees are outside, but besides this we were dying since ages to tell all of you of our new veggie garden we will plant in here!


So we took the car, warm it up and go to visit Barbara. We got from her (a friend and neighbour of Julia) that works in an amazing garden store a lot of things, after talking and sharing our experiences in Vienna, she explained to us a bit about the seasonal products, which are most likely to grow up and which are better to the conditions of our garden, and since the season in fact it’s starting earlier due the good weather this year, we might be able to plant few things a couple of times!

We fill up the car we so many things, rhubarb, celery, tomatoes, cucumbers, coriander, lemon peppermint, beet roots and a lot more of herbs and veggies, which we are not describe all of them here to keep the surprise for further entries! ; )


We bring everything home and we immediately started the hard work, cleaning the soil of roots and dry leaves, removing rocks and working the land so we could refresh it with a bit of new hummus and make the channels for planting and walking through. We started with a small one planning to expand it through time depending on when it’s better to plant certain things.

It took a lot of time to make such a nice garden, we were covered by soil, throwing each other worms and putting so much love and patience in this new creature we are letting grown up in the back of our new home!

Merano seems like a new and perfect start for us, we are having such a nice beginning surrounded by family, friends and this beautiful country!

We will share with all of you how our garden it’s working through the time.

Have a nice weekend everybody and please share with us your comments, we will be happy to hear from all of you and keep answering your doubts about our projects!

Da Vienna a Merano! Ciao a tutti!

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